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Yonex Poly Tour Pro Tennis String Set


Elevate Your Game with YONEX POLY TOUR PRO – This premium tennis string offers a winning combination of solid power, impressive spin, and unmatched comfort. Ideal for players of all swing speeds, it provides a soft, all-around string experience that enhances your performance on the court.

  • Used by: Nick Kyrgios, Frances Tiafoe, Anastasija Sevastova, Jaume Munar & Daria Gavrilova
  • Made in Japan


Power + Spin + Comfort


1.20mm & 1.25mm


Yellow or Graphite


For players of all swing speeds looking for a soft, all-around string


Choose the type of string that best suits your needs. Each of the 4 options below will give you vastly different feelings and characteristics. Picking the right type of string for your playing style is the most important part of choosing your ideal string.

Multifilament strings are soft, comfortable and powerful strings. If you are seeking a restring that gives effortless power or you suffer from tennis elbow, then this type of string will benefit your game.

Polyester strings are the opposite to multifilaments. They are stiff and offer the player maximum control and spin potential. Poly’s are used by hard hitting players who need extra control in their game.

Syn Guts are fantastic value strings that are perfect for the recreational club player keeping an eye on the cost. These are relatively soft and offer good power and comfort without compromising durability.

Replicate today’s greatest players by mixing 2 opposing string types to get the best of both worlds. We have chosen winning combinations of multi/poly or syn gut/poly hybrids to give you the ultimate edge.

Natural Gut contains natural serosa fibres that provide maximum power, comfort and tension maintenance. The downsides to gut are the hefty price tag and its absorption of sweat which unravels the fibres and leads to early breakage. Keep wet towels away!

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